2400+ player destroyed in the 6th move

May 11, 2011, 5:19 PM |

I have just been looking at random games played in the last week (it's my new habit- download them from TWIC every week and look at them) and I came across this one, played at Bosna Open a week ago. Black, a 2433 player, chose to play a Philidor Defense, but must have forgotten his repertoire, because by move 6 he was forced to give up a piece. Take a look and remember about this the next time you get crushed- it happens to people much stronger than you too.


PS. Also I'm quite surprised that the current rating of A.Naiditsch is 2716-with a 27th place on the FIDE list he must be the highest-placed German since LaskerWink (OK I know I know...there was Uhlmann up there for a while too).