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Corus after 4 rounds

Jan 19, 2010, 8:44 PM 1

Too early to call him the winner yet of course, but still, winning all of the 4 games is an amazing start for Shirov. He's in the first place, followed by Nakamura, Carlsen, Ivanchuk , all with 2 wins and two draws (3 points total). The winning pattern seems to be to beat the Dutch guys and Nigel Short too. Who knows, it may be decisive in the end for Carlsen that he didn't manage to beat Short today. Day-off tomorrow, and after the next 4 rounds we will see what Shirov's score will be- he plays van Wely and Short in rounds 5&6, but then Nakamura and Carlsen in rounds 7 and 8. Will anyone be able to fight for the win than the current top 4 ? Anand seems to not be in the winning form (or maybe he's hiding his prep for the match with Topalov), and the difference between Kramnik and Shirov is how they fared against Tiviakov- Kramnik was in trouble today,( Shirov beat Tiviakov obviously)- with the drawish attitude Kramnik has he doesn't seem to be a threat to Shirov and the rest in this tournament. Of course, there are still 9 rounds to go so it's too early to say that, but seeing how Kramnik won the Tal Memorial and how he nearly caught Carlsen in London, I thought of him as one of the favorites for the first place in Wijk aan Zee, which with every draw he makes is getting more and more distant. We will be wiser after the next 4 rounds.

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