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Corus after 8 rounds

Jan 25, 2010, 10:23 PM 0

I wasn't right in my report after 4 rounds when I said that Kramnik is out of the race- he is already just half a point behind Shirov! Who's got the best chances now ? Well, it's still Shirov, because he's still in the first place. But Carlsen and Kramnik are very close. I don't think Nakamura is able to overcome the 1-point difference between him and Shirov, he may have a chance to grab the 3rd place at best, if there's a decisive score in the big game Carlsen-Kramnik tomorrow, and if he doesn't lose any more games and throws in a win against Tiviakov in the last round. But who will take the first place ? Shirov has black pieces against Ivanchuk, Anand and Kariakin, white pieces against Kramnik and Dominguez. Carlsen plays with white against Kramnik, Dominguez and Caruana, with black pieces against Kariakin and Leko. And Kramnik has White pieces against Ivanchuk and Kariakin, black pieces against Carlsen,Shirov, and Anand- will he be able to get a draw in every single one of these ? If Shirov draws with Kramnik, will his wins in the "Dutch Open" be enough to guarantee the first place ? Still a lot of questions- if there's a decisive result in the big game tomorrow, we'll only have two big favorites to the first place.

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