Good bishop/ badbishop

Jun 1, 2010, 8:22 PM |

Not that I know anything about endgames....but I just wanted to show this game I finished online  5 minutes ago (the time control was 16 minutes). I like to surprise my opponents by gambiting a pawn in the French Defense in order to get the strong pawn formation in the centre, just look at the pawn chains after move 9, removing all the pieces but light-squared bishops and kings:






OK, I know it's not a forced win for white, but the fact is that the Black bishop will have a difficult mobility because it's of the same color as its own pawns- it can't ever stand on the squares that the pawns are standing on. And at the same time it can't attack any of the White pawns because they're all standing on the dark squares, which it doesn't have an access to. Things are quite the opposite for the white bishop- it's not restricted in its movement by any of the white pawns, and all of the black pawns are its potential targets. So, having this picture in mind somewhere around move 9, white's plan is quite straightforward- get the sacrificed pawn back and swap all the pieces except the light-squared bishops. Which is exactly what happened. Not a big mastery of the game, but it was quite pleasant to play and see the plan materialize.