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My most recent game..

Feb 3, 2012, 10:33 PM 7

Just felt like I needed to post this...2012 has sucked for me so far on many fronts, and generally my chess performance is badly influenced by the non-chess stuff....so all my games in January were horrible. But this one from Feb 1st played in the chess league here in NYC was finally a good one. I liked the easiness with which I got to White's kingside. It seems that he is helpless against my pieces piled up on g3, but actually there was an amazing tactical shot there which we both missed- it was not so easy to see, but actually this would have given him an advantage. The way game went, his defense fell apart, and seeing 19..e4 felt comforting:). Hopefully I'll be able to play stronger this month and in the future ones.

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