My move of the year

Jan 9, 2010, 3:22 PM |

I played  a lots of games last year, good and (mostly) bad ones, so I may not remember some of them, but it seems to me that the move from my correspondence game played recently, in December, against my friend Alex from Serbia (my teammate in the Checkspeak team in ANCL ), was the best.


This is the position, and it's White to move:







OK, before you cheat and go right away to the solution with the move I played, think again, look at the Halle Berry picture, scroll back to the position with White to play, look at Halle Berry again and then proceed to the answer below.







Soooo, this is what I played. I really liked it, I force Black to take my piece but get a lot of open lines and my attack will give me the material back. Here is how the game continued:


Tell me what you think about it! Many great moves in 2010 to everyone!