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OK no internet blitz till June 1.

Apr 27, 2008, 8:20 PM 2
Till June 1 no 5min chess, no 1min chess, no 10min chess, rated, unrated, for fun, drunk, or killing time. Nada. The only speed chess games during this period are going to be over the board ones which I play only for 3 hours a week or so on Fridays. The only games online are going to be the slow ones- All Nations Chess League and correspondence games at chess.com. I HAVE TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF MY PLAY AND INSTEAD OF THIS MINDLESS RUBBISH BLITZ WHICH I KEEP PLAYING ALL THE TIME I WILL BE LEARNING ENDGAME, I AM GONNA GRIND IT, BREAK IT DOWN INTO THE SMALLEST UNITS SO I WILL BE PLAYING ENDGAME LIKE CAPABLANCA, KRAMNIK AND ALL THOSE GUYS, I HAVE MATERIAL FROM THE BEST CHESS TEACHER IN THE WORLD , MARK DVORETSKY, AND THIS WILL MAKE ME A CHAMPION AND I WON'T BE PISSED OFF ANYMORE BECAUSE I AM NOT GONNA LOSE GAMES LIKE A STUPID MORON ANYMORE. PERIOD. I am also gonna work on tactics more so I won't lose the sense of what to do in situations with more pieces on the board. Amen.

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