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Two Knights/ Traxler fun

Oct 7, 2010, 8:13 AM 1

I know, I know, I shouldn't play all this stupid blitz, it's a waste of time. I'm very good at wasting time...but sometimes you need exactly just that. And it feels good to play a good game and win it! Two Knights with 4.Ng5 is a sharp opening in its own right, but Black's response 4...Bc5?! (Traxler/ Wilkes- Barre) makes it ultra-sharp. It's quite a rare answer and I didn't remember where the theory wants my bishop to retreat on move 6 and I played Bc4, apparently the main move is Bd5...anyway, my move wasn't bad really. So, what followed was a razor-sharp play...I was glad to find out that when I checked it after the game, that all of my moves in the middlegame, from 10.Nd5 till the end, were pretty good, no weak or inferior moves really...it's important in games like this to always find the best move, because what this type of play is, both sides are attacking, and you can't just step back, if you let the other guy breath for a second, he'll come at you with a full force...hope this writing makes any sense at all. And in blitz, it's always easy to mess something up (at least for me), but here I didn't. I was a little surprised by his 17...Ne3, attacking two of my pieces, but my response was still good- he should have taken the rook, but as the variation shows, I was still better there. I suggest that you hit "play" button and let the pieces move in front of your eyes. Enjoy.

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