A note to my students

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I just created a group which I would like to use to improve communication with my students. Whenever I write an advice to one of you, other will be able to see it, and I think that may be more helpful compared to previous cases when I'd write only to one of my students.

There will be the following content:

  • thoughts on chess improvement in general,
  • ideas on various ways to work out your chess without your coach,
  • semi-public (only to the members of the group) tasks/puzzles/chess problems to discuss
  • space for questions, complains, ideas for me to improve my style of teaching
  • maybe even matches between students, which I would be observing in live, and commentating for both sides, free of charge

I am inviting:

  • those who are my long-term students (more then a year)
  • those who are my new students but want to proceed to be coached by me

The group is closed for those:

  • who are my new students, but don't think to work with me on a long-term basis
  • who are not my students, even if they have been before

Link for the group is: Alex Chess Academy