Online Tournament 3 of 4: Impatient Zero

Aug 18, 2011, 11:48 AM |

This was my first game against the second best player in our tournament bracket. An 1800-level player is generally no slouch, and I'm well aware that many players at this level are actually better than me since my rating is a bit distorted from playing more lower-ranked players than higher-ranked. (My avg. opponent is like 1500). I had the white pieces, but I expected an approximately even game.

The "theme" of this game, if it has one, is in rushing forward when the situation calls for a preparing move, a defensive move, or a tactical response. That said, midgame, I think I overcorrected for this mistake and played two slower moves at a moment when I need to build my attack. I rallied and finished well. My opponent fell behind and started playing worse once I gained a decisive imbalance. A good game, and my third win out of four games.