A list of basic XiangQi checkmates

Nov 5, 2012, 8:31 PM |

Face-to-face Laughing Checkmate

Throat-cutting Checkmate

Iron-bolt Checkmate

Fishing-the-moon-under-deep-sea Checkmate

Double Chariot Checkmate

Elbow Horse Checkmate

Pal corner Horse Checkmate

Angler Horse Checkmate

Tiger Silhouette Checkmate

Octagonal Horse Checkmate

Chariot-Horse Checkmate

Chariot-Horse Zugzwung Checkmate

Double Horses Checkmate

Horse-Cannon Checkmate

Exposed Cannon Checkmate

Heavenly and Earthly Cannon Checkmate

Chariots and Cannon Checkmate

Double Cannon Checkmate

Cannon Smothered Checkmate

Chariot Cannon Discover Checkmate

Smothered Checkmate

Double-devils-knocking-at-door Checkmate

Repatriation of Buddha Checkmate

Simultaneous Double Checkmate

Flanking Trio Checkmate

Stalemate Checkmate