Short List Of Opening "Strategies" As Retold By A Mediocre Player

Apr 5, 2016, 11:55 PM |

Hi Again!  Here is a list of opening "strategies" that most players who study the game know.

But WHY?!? should they be followed?  Knowing why may prove to be important in othr parts of the game and knowing why might also give hints as to when to ignore the usual advice.  (BTW these are totally and completely my own opinions ... not representative of or its members!)

1) Have a good pawn structure.

WHY?!?  Pawns and where they are placed are infinitely important to chess.  They can serve as file, rank, and diagonal blockers.  They can reserve squares on the board including keeping pieces away from certain squares.  BUT because pawns are so hard to move, you should be very careful where to place them.  I don't believe that pawns should not move and not be dynamic.  I would (humbly) argue that you should have a good pawn "plan" as opposed to a "structure."

2) Control the center.

WHY!?!  Chess is often about movement.  Trying to get from B2 to G7 requires (usually) going through the center.  The center is the hub of many travel routes.

3) Development

WHY?!? Well you need pieces out in the "wild" to form an attack.  My motto is ... calculate correctly (oh if only I really did this all the time)!  Use the least number of pieces to get a good attack (while defending against the opponent's attacking chances, of course).

Well that is it for now!