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Promotion chess among girls

Mar 30, 2013, 10:50 AM 5

 Generally the girls are not so confident when they are among many boys, there are tournaments with only 2%-3% feminine participation.It is a very hard sport, 4 hours require a lot of mental strength.It is necessary to create a better atmosphere among the chess girls players. If we want a 2% of girls playing in men's tournaments to get a high chess level, maybe is the right way, but if we want many girls playing chess, we need more girls tournaments where the strengths were more similar resistance to the tiredness and the aggressiveness. The intelligence is similar in many knowledge fields between men and women, in chess the biggest difference can be in more strength and aggressiveness in men.Why are there in the European and World Youth Chess Championship different groups for boys and girls, if the people would want to get more equality and the girls more level would play together. Many tournaments are full of old men people, they are not interested in changing the things.When they were young there were almost not any women playing chess. One of the solutions, the promotion, facilities: no entry fees, many prizes for women, publicity about their games,their improvements. More women in the chess tournaments organizations.If there is not a big change, the percentage of 2-3% will increase to 4%-5% but will be insufficient for women.

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