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The story of Gokul Part one

The story of Gokul Part one

May 18, 2017, 6:38 AM 21

Once upon a time there was a pawn who lived in the tallest castle that ever existed.  The castle was called, The Castle of Pawns.  The pawn loved to explore the jungle right by the very tall building.  One day when Gokul (the pawn) was in the jungle, a bishop came.  "I will eat you!!" shouted the very scary looking bishop.  Gokul panicked.  He thought about running away to the castle and trying to climb a tree.  Instead of his ideas he just faked dead.  The bishop stared at him confusingly.  "Ummm I wasn't actually going to eat you, you know that right?"  When the pawn heard that, he opened his eyes.  "Really?" Gokul questioned.  Suddenly the bishop grabbed the pawn by its head and got out a knife.  It was at that moment when an arrow shot right through the evil bishop's head.  Gokul then tried figure out who shot the arrow.  "Hello?  Um anyone there?"  

     The next day when Gokul woke up, he thought about the evil bishop.  He had not yet told anyone about his incident.  Then he heard a shout.  "GOKUL WHY IS THERE BLOOD ON YOUR SHOES!!!!"  Gokul quickly went down stairs to meet his mother.  "A bird crashed into a tree mother".  His mother believed his lie and went to the kitchen to eat her breakfast.  After Gokul got dressed, he went down stairs to eat his breakfast that consisted of 5 waffles and a cup of apple juice.  

     After he ate his breakfast, he heard a LOUD stomp.  "AHHHHHHHHHHHH SAVE MEEEE!!!  THERE'S A GIANT MONSTER IN THE CASTLE!" he heard his mother scream.  Then he saw it.  It was the bishop.  But this time...  9000 times bigger.

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