Betting on Chess

Feb 23, 2009, 5:24 AM |

Over the weekend I did something I've never done before.  I had a bet on the Chess!  It was fun and I won!  This luck won't continue, but you'll see my highs, lows and tips here.

Now, I'm not a betting man so I had to set up an account and deposit some money.  Just a small amount, because this is for fun and not profit.  It's probably obvious that you shold never bet what you don't want to lose, becauselosing is the most likely outcome!

My starting "kitty" or pot of money is £10.

My first bet was any two of the four Linares games would draw.  I put £0.50 on each of the 6 possible doubles (Ivanchuk drawing his game and Wang drawing his, Ivanchuk drawing his and Dominguez his, Ivanchuk drawing his and Aronian his, Wang drawing his and Dominguez his, Wang drawing his and Aronian his, Dominguex drawing his and Aronian drawing his)!

In total a £3 bet.

The odds of the draws were:

  • Ivanchuk v Grischuk: 2-5
  • Wang v Carlsen: 4-9
  • Dominguez v Anand: 4-9
  • Aronian v Radjabov: 4-7

The reason I chose this bet was because Carlsen and Anand both had Black pieces and Grischuk had started the tournament well.  I thought Aronian might win his game (which is why I went for doubles rather than an accumulator).

The outcome was ALL games drew and my return was £6.44, the kitty now stands at £13.44.