Game 46: Mar 25, 2014

Mar 25, 2014, 8:35 PM |

This one was a bit of a heartbreaker.  With a win, I would have won the tournament.  With this loss, it's still possible that I can win the tournament, but it will depend on someone else's game.

This game against Paul was quite a back and forth game.  As pointed out by the tournament director after the game (who was paying more attention to my game than his own!), I missed a mating opportunity on move 50.  Instead of 50...Qxd4+, see if you can spot the right move!

Other than that, I regretted 5..Ba6 (Bb7 would ultimately have saved me a tempo).  And on move 36, I was torn between Qd2+ fork, or hxg4.  I'll have to see which would have worked out better in future analysis.