October 22 2013 Game

Oct 22, 2013, 9:44 PM |

This was my 37th over the board rated tournament game with a 2 hour time control.  It was against Manojh.  (Note that for last week's game, my opponent didn't show up, and regretably I won on forfeit)

I had faced Manojh in tournament play only a few months earlier and had underestimated his play.  At that point he was rated 1007 and he won when I moved too quickly, seeing a tactic he could use against me to win a piece for 2 pawns.  Unfortunately, he saw it to.  

A few months later, and he is rated 500 points higher.  He is obviously a rapidly improving junior.

During the game, I was out of book after move 2.  I didn't panic.  I just took more time in the opening and thought things through.  I used approximately 30 minutes for my first 10 moves.  I thought I navigated this game fairly well.

I will analyse it in further depth at a later time.