mueller 1 Rybka 231

Oct 3, 2008, 12:02 PM |

My track record with Rybka is pretty much what people would assume, I lose every time. I started playing 1 minute games with her to learn openings. If she moves instantaneously, she is still in her book, and if she starts thinking its out of book. So, I've spent 2-3 hours playing 1 minute games with her, and my persistance paid off. She really likes the sicilian (as do most people) so I've learned bits and pieces about them. Anyway, in a transposition to Scheveningen, I managed to win.

I probably would have missed it if she hadn't resigned but she did which gave me time to see my victory. The final time on the clock was 2 seconds to 35 seconds.

 So keep trying, and you can topple anyone even the best computer program out there.