My (awful) performance pt. 1 of 3

Sep 2, 2008, 8:18 PM |

I decided to go to the Oregon Open Chess tournament. I did about as comically middle of the road as possible. My wins from blunders, my loses were due to blunders. It was a 3 day tournament, 2 rounds a day, 40/20 SD/1. I can make excuses, but basically I just need to focus more and not try to wrap the games up quickly.

 I finished this game in about 5 minutes, and had lots of time to spend until the 2nd round began about 6 hours later.

The second round was a much tougher fight. I was paired against Yun Teng.


I still have 4 more games, and I will post them in the next couple days. I know my annotations are more of my thoughts than specific move sequences, but I figure if I can correct the way I think, it will be a greater improvement than if I can merely list possibilities of play.