OSU / Corvallis Spring Rapid Tournament

Jun 13, 2011, 1:17 PM |

The OSU chess club organized another spring tournament down at river front plaza. It was originally slated to be a 10 player round robin event, but only 8 people showed up. So we played the RR, then had 1 round of finals. First in standings vs second. Third versus fourth, etc.

There was a 5$ entry fee, but shockingly good prizes, so I'm surprised so few people showed up. Time controls were G/15, so it was somewhere on the border between rapid and blitz. I tried to keep notations of the games, but when I got down to 5 minutes on my clock, I stopped notating, so you'll mostly only see the opening and middle game in these games.

Because of the speed of it, we all played rather sloppy, but some skill, some luck, I made fewer mistakes than my opponents, or better capitalized on theirs.


The first 2 games are here in their entirety, but game 3 continued for another 20 moves or so with us bring our kings to the queenside, and locking pawns on the kingside.
After I stopped taking notation, I believe we traded a pair of rooks, and I began centralizing my king, and then I won one of his weak pawns.
As I was the exchange up, he pressed his two minor pieces, queen, and rook at my king. I kept defending while trying to trade off pawns. Eventually I simplified the position enough that his threats were gone and my extra exchange led me to a victory.
5.5/6, with one round to go, I felt pretty confident I would be going into the finals, but in round robins, its quite possible another player had 5/6 or that Issam had 5.5 as well, so if I lost in round 7, I could miss out on 1st vs 2nd and be relegated to 3rd vs 4th.
Now that we had finished the 7 rounds of the round robin to determine standings, we played the finals to determine prizes. I played against Issam in the finals. I think he had 6/7 (2 draws, 5 wins). Because we each had 4 whites and 3 blacks during the 7 rounds, we decided I should have white because in our individual contest he had white. Black had draw odds just to eliminate any further tie break confusion.
I stopped writing moves down after Rxc4, but the next few moves were pretty much forced so they were easy enough to remember. Two pawns up, with better pieces, we jostled for a while, but eventually I managed to squeeze him back and get the victory and the prize.
If anyone has questions or comments about a specific game, I'd be welcome to go over them in more detail. (Though if you ask me why so and so dropped a piece, I won't have an answer, so ask about the parts when we were both playing well.)