Portland Winter Open Round 1

Dec 13, 2010, 12:42 PM |

This weekend I went up to Portland to play in the winter open. I entered in the reserve section rather than the open. Lots of ways to rationalize the decision, you can either say I am a wuss, or you can say I want to play games against players of my own caliber, etc. 3 rounds Saturday 2 rounds Sunday. First day's time control was 40/90 + SD/30, so each game could potentially take 4 hours. Second day's time control was 40/120 + SD/60 so each game could potentially take 6 hours. It was a 5 round Swiss event. My first event rated event since the Portland Spring Open. I scored 4/5 in that and got second. My rating going into the Spring Open had been ~1450 (as I had only played 1 tournament before it in which I went 2-2-2.) Coming out of the Spring Open my rating had jumped to 1630, and so that is what it was for this event. It will be interesting to see what it is after these 5 rounds are calculated. 

Anyway on with the show. My opponent first round was Takuma S. (I forgot to copy down his full last name, but it doesn't really matter. He was ~12 years old, and rated 1330 coming into the tourny. On to the game commentary!

There is the first game. I'll be sure to add my other 4 games as I get time/motivation today.