Portland Winter Open Round 3

Dec 13, 2010, 4:40 PM |

There was ~18 players in the Reserve section. And ~16 in the Open. Some rounds a few less if people had taken byes, and at the end a few people had dropped. So with my score of 1.5/2 going into round 3, I was matched up with Becca L. She also had 1.5/2 and was rated ~1650. She was probably at 13, but I'm really not good with ages, so I'll just guess. It was a very dicey round for me, and probably shouldn't have made it out with the point, but I guess that is the game. It doesn't matter who should win, it matters who does.

The end of a very long day of chess. And my day wasn't even as long as some other peoples. My first game lasted ~1 1/2 hours. My 2nd game lasted ~3 hours. My 3rd game lasted ~2 1/2 hours. Some people were still playing when I left at 830-9ish. I was quite pleased with 2.5/3 at the end of day 1. But I knew that there was one person who had 3/3 and 1 other person with 2.5/3 as well that I hadn't played, so I knew Sunday would be rough. Sunday comes soon for those of you out there.