Portland Winter Open Round 4

Dec 14, 2010, 2:12 PM |

Round 4 was the first round on Sunday. While I should have been rested and invigorated, I had stayed up until 2:30 or so drinking and playing Magic. So when I woke up around 8, and started getting ready, I could tell I wasn't really 100%, but I wanted to play my best today regardless. I got to the chess club, and saw that I was paired with Jim McAleer. He was leading the Reserve section with 3/3. He also was rated like 1730 or so. I knew it would be a tough game, but I thought I could win. As I mentioned previously, Sunday switched to 40/120 + SD/60. So the games could potentially be 6 hours!


Make the correct pawn capture fxe5 not dxe5! I had time so theres no reason I shouldn't have done that, I was just frustrated and not thinking properly.

Get enough sleep and don't drink during tournaments.

Properly record your games, so you don't look like a patzer afterwords.

Keep sharp for tactics when your king is that weak!