CATC Chatzy

Jan 15, 2012, 7:04 AM |

Hi everyone!

I'm just letting you all know that the Chatzy Chat Room for CATC is for members of the CATC team, only. I'm sorry I didn't tell you all before, I just forgot. The only way I figured it out was when someone named "john" came in at 7pm last night. I don't know it he's from, or some other website we go on, but if he is from, please know that the chat room is for CATC members, only. I'm very sorry. We're working on one for all users and hope that it'll be up soon. But for now, just be patient and don't go into the Chatzy room. I'll let you all know when we have a new one up and what it's then called.


P.S. If "john" is from here, he doesn't need to tell me, he just needs to know not to go in there again.

Smile Thank you! Smile