School's Out=More Chess

May 30, 2012, 8:35 PM |

Yes. School actually ended YESTERDAY with a big talent show... I'd tell about it but I realized that none of you care about my life...

So what this post is about is that since school is out, I will be spending much more time on Just like I did during winter break when I first came back after quiting chess. But, now, like I was then, I am back!

The reason why I can't get on as much is that I had too much homework, clubs, and projects for school to do. I just didn't have much time for a lot of chess. Luckly, though, I did get to join chess club at my school as one of the clubs.

I have also been really working on my music and art. We had a lot of concerts, the second half of the year. Expecially around spring break. So, I didn't get to come on then, either. And with the art, well, I'll never be very good at that...

So, anyways, I'm back! I have been coming online on and off these past couple months. I have stopped in the chat a couple times and said hello. But, now, I am completly back!