Wear Blue!!!

Feb 18, 2012, 12:24 PM |

Hey Everybody!

I just had a great idea! March 9th is the day of awesomeness, so what if on March 9th, we shoould all wear blue! Blue is the represented color of awesomeness, and so that's why I chose blue.

It doesn't matter if it's blue pants, shoes, shirt, coat, fingernails, you can even die your hair if you want! (But I wouldn't recomend that Wink)!

Tell your friends! Your girlfriends and boyfriends! You enemies! Your family! Anyone and EVERYONE!

March 9th will be the day which everyone who is or wants to be awesome, can! Enjoy a day of being awesome!

And even if you forget, don't worry! Being awesome doesn't mean that you have to be mean! People won't get mad at you! They'll still include you because that's was a truly awesome person does!