Game by Phone

Dec 14, 2014, 7:24 PM |

I have yet to create a blog post. This is my first.

After some time away from "competitive" chess, I had the (gratefully accepted) opportunity to play a semi-serious game over the phone with a man named Phil Heyland. We have played a couple of times in the past and he was out for revenge.

While I am a fairly solid A-class player, Phil has never played in a tournament, as he suffers from an immunodeficiency which precludes the option. He loves chess, however, and he is a decent player (imho). Tactics are his downfall, but his play does seem to be principled - I very much doubt I will continue to beat him with ease.

The commentary above is fairly light and uninformed by computer analysis. I just felt happy to be playing again and I wanted to share our game.