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Well I took a group to the US Open in Madison and we all played.   The area had lots to offer.  We had a good time.  The zoo was free and there are bike trails everywhere.  I have questions again about the tournament and how it's run.  I once again need your clarification.  Thanks for your explanations.  It's really helped.  So here goes again.

One of the Mom's at the tournament told me her son's opponent had been caught by another parent discussing his game in the restroom.  We talked a little and she had talked to a TD who was adamant that only her son could query.  So we meet back in one of our rooms to eat and I mention the story.  Well what do you know, my daughter says her opponent's friend came to their table, watched the game and then left the room with her opponant.  After the second time, she spoke with a TD who said,"There's nothing I can do about that."  Her opponent left the table with his friend eight times.  Others chimed in and spoke about their opponent walking out of the room, going to the bathroom several times during the game.  The third day of the tournament it happened to me.  I played a 1700 who's friend kept stopping by and then would walk away with my opponent.  My the end of the tournament I had a total of three opponent who did this.  When I spoke to a TD, I was told I had nothing to worry about.  That many years ago they had some problem with a Dad and had to make him stay out of the hall and in a separate room to keep him from helping his son.  That cheating isn't a problem.

This is true as I have no evidence of cheat.  I did however, witness the appearance of cheat.  So did my compadres.  One of our group took notes of activity on their notation.  It was a lower rated game and the best of the notation.  It follows:

nf3 d5, d4 Bf5, c4 Nf6, Nc3 e6, Bg5 Nc6 Opponent's friend watching game and then the two of them leave the room., cxd5 h6,Bh4 g5, Bg3 Nxd5, Nxd5 exd5, e3 Bb4+, Nd2 0-0 again leaves the room with friend., e4 Bxe4 takes hand held chess computer under table and is hitting buttons with thumbs.  Player tells him he's breaking rules by not leaving it above table.  He places it back on table and waits for it to respond., h4 fRe8 again they leave the room,f3 Be2+,Kf2 Bxd1, Rxd1 again leaves the table.  It takes 23 more moves for this kid to mate my student.  He was gone a total of 18 minutes during a 44 minute game.  He did leave his hand held computer at the table when he left.  Accordding the the TD's he did nothing wrong.  Accordding to me and my students, he gave the appearance of cheat.  What we witnessed was exactly what Bobby Fischer discussed with Cavet about the Russians.  My students are not eager to attend another tournament.  We have been to many and this is the first time where leaving the room with friends was ok to do.

I need to know if the TD's are specific to an area or will we be seeing these same persons at the next US Open.  Are TD's specific to an area?

And just my opinion, I think it's the math used for pairing and setting ratings that is causing cheating.  Has anyone considered new methods?  Is there competition for USCF?  It looks like it's ripe for some competition.

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