1700 Blitz Milestone! 1-Year Diamond Giveaway As Celebration!

1700 Blitz Milestone! 1-Year Diamond Giveaway As Celebration!

Aug 6, 2018, 6:19 AM |

Do you feel rating points don't mean anything
Well, I can't disagree more! 

I take rating points very seriously because it's a bit of an indicator of how much I am improving in chess. A couple of days ago, I finally hit my all-time record of 1700 blitz rating points! To some of you, that may not be much. But to me, that is a HUGE MILESTONE! As a chess streamer, this does mean a lot to me and to celebrate, I would love to give back to the chess community here by giving away yet another 1-year diamond membership

I will be hosting a series of tournaments live on TWITCH on the following dates: 
August 9th @ 5 am PDT
August 11th @ 12 am PDT
August 12th @ 4 am PDT 

How the winner will be chosen:

The top 10 players of each tournament will be given a ballot under their name. On August 12th, after the last tournament, the winner will be picked using a random lottery system. Please note that each game will be heavily monitored for cheating. 

For more details, come join my club: 

Want to check me out live on TWITCH? 

For the win that got me to 1700, check out this video! (click image below)

Keep practicing the chess everyone!