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Bad manners!!

May 25, 2011, 11:57 PM 5

For a long time I was claiming that extra vacations for privileged members are illegal and provoke unequal conditions for members! The last bad joke of "privileged opponent" was as follovs: one of them posted a comment " I enjoy making my opponents to wait..." . I clearly stated in my profile that I am ill, I can not play regularly, and the pressure that opponents specially use to irritate me  using their privileged status seems to me a bad tricks and inmoral ( somethink like a kicking opponent by legs under chesstable or wispering  bad words) - simply trying to make an opponent to lost his temper. Hereby I officially declares to CHESS.com authorities that next time I will cancel my memberchip in chess.com and will send a compaint to FIDE for the situation.

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