First win vs. titled player

May 2, 2013, 1:20 AM |
Some background on this game:  It's part of a Scotch Opening thematic tournament.  It shows you how long this tourney has been running that it's from when I was still playing 1.e4!  Black is a young Polish IM named Kacparov.  His rating is not so high, I'm guessing because he has 100 turn-based games going simultaneously, so he probably doesn't spend a lot of time on each game.  He went into the Mieses variation of the Scotch, and I already knew a few things about these positions from a great video by IM Danny Rensch (  I learned a lot from this video, like how White is trying to play with the 2 minors vs. the rook, and also about certain key moves such as Bg2-f3! before Black can play ...g5-g4.  Definitely check out that video.

In this game, Black kind of drifted and never made anything of the material imbalance.  The decision to trade rooks was odd since in the resulting positions White is able to use the 2 minors very well to blockade and restrict Black's pawns.