Game 2 by Master X

Game 2 by Master X

Aug 5, 2010, 12:56 AM |

Before we begin, a disclaimer - I'm basing this blog series on material from another chess learning site.  Some of the analysis in the games is not my own, and I will give credit to sources at the conclusion of this series.

Game 2 in this series is super interesting.  Both sides pursued very agressive plans.  White could have backed off at several points and played more solidly.  But he tried to checkmate Black and got spanked!  There is a middlegame position where a simple piece exchange on d4 turns out to be not-so-simple, and I'll give that as a puzzle.  The game concludes with an awesome use of the 2 bishops.  Enjoy!

The next few moves are given as a puzzle.  See if you can spot all the tactics.  Hint: White has a tricky move up his sleeve.  Don't make any automatic captures!  When you're done with the puzzle, click on "MOVE LIST" to see the variations with comments.

Here's the setup for the end of the game:

And now the exciting conclusion.  Try to guess Black's final moves.  Congratulations if you get them all: you are a good player, or a computer.  Once again, click on "MOVE LIST" to see the variations.

I thought this was some pretty amazing play.  I was happy I saw White's Qe5 idea, but I missed a lot of other moves.  What I learned from this game is:
  • Look carefully at capture sequences.  Blindly exchanging on d4 in this game would have been a bad decision.  The exchange sac was much stronger.
  • Identify opponents' overloaded pieces.  It's cool to put your guys on squares where they're en prise.  In the end the White queen was too busy guarding d3 to capture either of Black's bishops.


I need more votes - Who is Master X?  Here are the results from the comments to Game 1:

Guess # Votes Percentage
Mikhail Tal 1 50%
don't know 1 50%


Thanks for reading!