Rainbow Puzzle Post 1

Oct 13, 2010, 9:26 AM |

I'm going to use this post to list favorite puzzles.  I plan on updating it periodically with more puzzles until it just gets too long and I need to create "Puzzle Post 2".  Please post your own favorite puzzles in the comments!  Remember to click on "MOVE LIST" to play through the variations.  I try to only post puzzles that feature some kind of unusual or atypical maneuver.

Update - I made the boards different colors.  When I run out of color schemes, I'll create Puzzle Post 2.

I got this one wrong.  I guessed 1.gxh4, but I didn't even consider ...Kf7, so I thought I was winning a piece.  This has taught me to slow down and be more careful in my calculations.





BTW, I got this one right.  Not only did I see the first move, but also the follow-up for both sides.  (Can you see the smothered mate?)  That was a big deal for me, since this is the sort of problem I usually fail at.











The first and second moves to this one are easy.  Can you spot the correct THIRD MOVE?  Give yourself mad bonus points if you can see it from the starting position.






The first move is pretty, but easy.  Can you find the right SECOND MOVE?







This one is just SO CUTE!