Nov 20, 2009, 9:54 AM |

Welcome to my first post.  I will use this blog to list and analyze my OTB games, and maybe sometimes my online games as well.  The first post is about this game I lost (stupidly as you will see):

Of course I meant to play 13...Bd6 and THEN 14...b6.  I was playing on my iPod at the time and I'm not used to the small screen and I just plain missed that I hung my rook.  Here's the funny part.  After I resigned I got a message from my opponent:

anfieldlegends: why did you resign so quick

Unbelievable!  What is he complaining about?  He won!  Maybe in a live blitz game it would be worth continuing, but I don't see the point of suffering on in a correspondence game for days and days.