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Still out of shape / re-crossing 1300 blitz

Still out of shape / re-crossing 1300 blitz

May 30, 2013, 9:05 AM 1

Back in December 2012 I was fortunate enough to get my blitz rating above 1500.  Since then it has not been going so well, as this graph shows:

Everything went downhill in 2013, and I briefly dipped below 1300!  The main problem was losing on time in a winning position, although there were a couple huge blunders as well.  Here is a very typical example:
I have many games like this.  In fact, I lose more games than I win:
Recently, I've been improving again, and I may be back above 1400 soon.  Here is a game I just played that I think shows off my improvement.  Quiz:
  1. What's the tactical justification for 22.Rxd5?
  2. How would Black get mated after 25...Kxh6?
  3. What is a better move for Black than 26...Qxe5(??)?  I honestly don't know this myself!
  4. Can you spot the mate-in-3 in the final position?
This mate-in-3 is pretty funny, since the White queen ends up on exactly the same square, but the Black king is magically transported to e6!

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