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Looking to Improve

Sep 30, 2014, 10:20 PM 5

I learned the rules of chess as a kid and played club chess a bit as a kid but that has been about the extent of my abilities but I have always wanted to improve. It is a daunting challenge when you just look at it. I always tended to play very conservatively having no real strategy other than piece development. This meant I could get into the middle of the game and after that the game just went based on how I accidentally developed pieces (meaning I lost as much as I won with very little control). I have recently decided I would tackle this chess improvement. The trouble is where to start! Openings? Endgame? General strategy? I honestly have no idea and it seems no one has a clear answer. "Get Better" as a goal doesn't really imply a direction. Fortunately, chess.com seems to offer a little bit of everything. I figure it might be good to learn a few openings and defences really well just to serve as a base to expand on. For now - King's Gambit. It is not commonly used any more and is arguably ineffective but being such a classic I felt it would be good to get into openings. I did win a game with it but I don't think the opening itself contributed much. Well in any case I am here now and hope to find someone offering good advice!

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