Top enemies of Spiderman (Queen and Rook)

Nov 3, 2009, 5:12 PM |

 Carnage and Venom have been the toughest enemies of Spider man.

Venom  is actually a metaphor of the rooks in chess. With its powerful skills to detect spider man in seconds. Rooks are powerful pieces with a value of "5" capable of destroying and putting the opponent's King in CheckmateThe Rock is actually a metaphor of Venom.

Venom as powerful as the Rooks


 Carnage is the most dynamic enemy of spider man with its huge abilities of moving anywhere. Since Carnage is extrembly powerful it is a metaphor of the most powerful piece (influence in the chessboard) of chess which is the Queen with a value of "9".


Think of the Queen a Carnage







Just like every enemy with disadvantages they can be destroy if you are not punctilious about where do you put them. They can be threads but they can also be huge advantages.