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THE BEST MAN (helped me improve)

THE BEST MAN (helped me improve)

Nov 9, 2015, 3:31 PM 0


The noob here. Since the launch of my youtube channel I haven't really gotten any huge feedback... until today. You see, the main goal with the channel was not to get a million views, but to get even only one person to comment on my games and help me improve on a "community" level. This is exactly what finally happened. Today I found 11 comments on the channel, all by this guy:


He took time and gave me the constructive feedback that I needed, telling me in detail what I could have improved in many games by commenting. I was so astonished at the amount of input that he gave me, and so immensely happy to see that somebody actually cared, that I wanted to share this story with you. . This was a truly magnificent experience and it gave me a ton of motivation to continue to learn and become a better chess player. 

Below you can see my last (and very disappointing) performance. If you're new to all of this, the A Noob's Life channel is the space where I share my daily efforts in order to become a better chess player by posting live games, puzzles, game analyses and much more. Have a look at what you see and if you like it please consider subscribing and commenting about what my mistakes were, I am a noob and I need your help to get better at the game! 

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