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percy jackson!!!!!!!1

Dec 30, 2011, 9:16 AM 6

ok, i just finished re-reading the percy jackson books, right?  when i finished the last book i started cring!!!!! i loved that serise so much im gonna keep on re-reading it and the heros of olympus. i think i like it better than the harry potter serise!!!!!!!!!and i was brought up on harry potter and started it the summer after 2nd grade. on the first day of third grade, i was on the goblet of fire!!!!!!(for all you non harry potter lovers, that is the 4th book) if i re-read the percy jackson serise, it'll be the third time!!!!!if i re-read the heros of olympus it'll be my third time for the lost hero and second time for the son of neptune.(i will trample you to death you sill chinese canadian baby-man!!) wish me luck on =not having a mental breakdown when i read the last heros of olympus book!!! ;D

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