The Greatest Accomplishment for Me

Dec 30, 2011, 7:48 PM |

I have always considered myself fortunate for being blessed with my desire to learn. I am not the smartest person around, (I am bad with mathematics, I almost flunked algebra in college, and my boss continuously scolds me about making half-hazard reports so I could meet my deadline, haha, he doesn’t know that although he thinks it normal for him to come up with amazing technical reports, but on my part, it requires extreme amount of effort. But I still like him for being hard on me despite that, he always think that his student should at least develop half of what he can do. He is the greatest boss by the way, the kindest around, and he taught me almost everything I know in conservation, he is a great chef, the smartest and the most clever person on earth, although he can’t sing and he can’t draw, and he can’t use photoshop, hehehe. And of course, he doesn’t play chess. This is where I am ahead of him, yeah, I think so, hahahaha).

My greatest accomplishment however, is not, by any means related to any of those. I am thinking of a good introduction for this blog post, can’t come up with anything good (yet).

The greatest accomplishment for me was helping my mother send our youngest sister to college. When my father left us, it was really bad. However, I know that some people had to go through a lot more than that, and I don’t think I have the right to complain about those things. I often wish for ideals, I feel like things should happen according to how I envisioned them to. But reality is different, and it has the knack for disappointing me over and over again. So I learned to be thankful for what I have at that moment. At least I can still breath, I don’t have to pay for chemotherapy because I have no cancer, I don’t have to worry about this and those, some people barely survived the ordeal that they must come through, our own problems might not even be half that. I am thankful that I can still taste my coffee, that I can use my hands, and that I can still think properly.

My sister, she’s now a licensed teacher (recently passed the exam last October of this year). She’s my greatest accomplishment..