Cheesy’s Obsessive Tendencies

Cheesy’s Obsessive Tendencies

May 5, 2012, 12:57 AM |

Note: A crazy thought, not going to help you improve in Chess. Hahaha. So scape this post while you still can. I been writing these things when  I get mentally bored and had been staring at space for sometime. So I created Cheesy. He is a bug who thinks too much.Hehehe

You been talking to me often. You do have friends don’t you?

Yeah I do. Hahahaha. But they have problems of our own, and sometimes I do need to give them space to settle things for themselves than add up to their problem and force them to patronize my crazy thoughts. I don’t like bothering friends when they’re in the middle of something important, but I will bother them after all those things that they should settle, I hope, with permission of course. Hm.. So for the mean time, I am stuck with you.

Waiting. Am not fond of that. I hate waiting. It will kill me.

Hahahaha. So am I Cheesy. I don’t like waiting as well. But there are things worth waiting for. I will wait for my friends if I have to. They have always been worth that. I guess I can make exemptions for them. Really huge exemptions as well. Hm..

What happens if they disappear on you? After all the time that you had been waiting for them?

I don’t know. I never thought of that. Then, at least I’ve waited and wouldn’t regret I haven’t. So what happen between you and Number One?

Well, let’s just say am on the process of brainwashing her mother.

What do you mean?

She tell me that she doesn’t like me, but since I realize I am indeed crazy about her, I decided that I will take whatever necessary measure I have for her to like me back.

Woah. That’s extreme. What if she hates you instead?

She can hate me all she want, but am not backing off. Because she might just die tomorrow, without knowing that I will move heaven and earth for her (or maybe just the branch around our neighborhood, but I will move something big for real). I can do  something now while she’s still alive, but not after when she die. How can I force her to like me when she’s dead already? So if I have to influence her family, then I will influence her family.

That’s pretty obsessive Cheesy. Whatever happened to free will there?

Am doing what I can for her to realize that am the right bug for her. But she got her own mind. The decisions’ still hers, you see. She dumped me several times already. If it would be my decision, of course I’d have her accept me.

Hahahaha, do whatever you  have to do. Just realize when to stop. I don’t want you crying back to me and saying she turned you down for the 10th time around.

Well, not exactly 10, but 8 times, however, should her mother agree with me, I might just avoid the 9th.

Hahaha, Crazy Cheesy.