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Coffee and Chess: How the Lack of Coffee Got Me Beaten to a Pulp

Coffee and Chess: How the Lack of Coffee Got Me Beaten to a Pulp

Feb 9, 2012, 2:57 AM 2

I’ve promised this friend that I would write a blog post on this one. My online chess started at this incredible site before I discovered chess.com. At that chess site, my rating is not really good, in fact, I do poorly. Our ratings difference is likewise humongous. He is currently rated 1964, whereas, I am rated 1500 something. The first game we played, I took him by surprise. So he thought I’m good. Yikes. But I lost all my games against him. Not even once had I won. I have no excuse for that. Until I discovered, I may have found a good excuse. And that’s coffee. Hahaha. Maybe I can reason, "I do even worst without caffeine in my system". Maybe it'll pass off as reasonable enough. Or maybe not. 

This guy is an incredible player, and he is one of the few friends I have here (I’ve got 4 of them here at chess.com). So here’s the sequence to a game we played. He is very honest as well, and he pointed a flaw that I am often unaware of. I develop my pieces very late in the game, as if they had no part in it. Whereas, all his pieces are working together as a team, while my queen is trying to wage a war singlehandedly. I’m often worst when I’m playing black. So this is how he beat me to a pulp, because I forgot to drink my coffee before battling with a stronger opponent that he is. My mind didn't work quite the same without that magical potion that gives us the mind power, coffee that is. (Excuses excuses)..


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