Nerry Phasing Out, Enters Talay: Introductory Meeting

Nerry Phasing Out, Enters Talay: Introductory Meeting

Jun 27, 2012, 7:42 PM |

Note: Silliness overload. Hahaha

Cast of characters:

Nerry- owner of this account

Talay- account caretaker (

Cheesy- the bug


Number one

Nosy- (


Meeting agenda:

  1. Nerry’s vacation, indefinite
  2.  Self introduction
  3.  Changes on this account and Talay's strict policies


Talay: As you notice, Nerry has been away. She is in hiding.

Cheesy: Why is that?

Talay: Maybe because she wanted to hide. Go ask her yourself. Who are you anyway?

Cheesy: I am her right arm.

Talay: But you don’t look like an arm to me. You look like a bug.

Nosy: Hey limme introduce myself. Hm.. Hehehe, I am.. Cheesy’s fan. I am soooooo... inlove with Nerry’s right arm!!! Yahoo!

Talay: Obviously. My name’s Talay by the way. And I am this account’s caretaker while Nerry is hiding.

Number One: Tsk. Why she suddenly left. What are we suppose to do with her pets. (Pointing to Puppy and Kitty, forevermore staring in space.) Why don’t we dump them to the orphanage already.

Talay: No, no. You can’t do that. She has specifically instructed me to not allow you guys to mistreat her pets. Special mention to Cheesy over there who does not have tolerance against other species. Yes. It’s written in my special code of ethics for Cheesy and the gang.

Cheesy: Why does she singled me out. Hey. Not fair. Number one over there is more violent than I am. She often threatenes to whack my head off. Cheez. You woman are the more violent populace. You should know that.

Talay: Whatever Cheesy. Believe what you want. Anyway, first off, we need to discuss hm.. seriously, why Nerry is on them vacations. Yes. Her, job I guess, is a real pain in the neck. Yes. One time I saw her wailing over the death of them whales. There are thousand of whales in the ocean, why grieve for the death of a single one of them. I mean, there is balance in everything you see. Over population will result when nobody is dying.

Nosy: You are cold Talay. Everyone of them whales is unique. Once gone, they are gone for good. And that’s why people grieve for the lost of them. You will too if something important to you is lost forever.

Talay: Yeah. Okie Nosy. I get your point.So next agenda, self introduction. Beginning with me. I am, hm, Talay. I talk too much. And I am smarter than my age. Which is 5 years old going 6 sometime. Very soon.

If Nerry is tolerant of you guys, I shall impose strict policy here.

Cheesy: Yeah. You are the non-person kid right? What do you mean impose strict policy around here. Who are you to do that by the way?

Talay: Are you not listening? I am, hm, Talay. I talk too much. And I am smarter than my age. Which is 5 years old going ....

Cheesy: And there I thought Nerry was bad. You are worst.

Talay: I know. That’s why she hired me (1 buck per day she’s gone) to organize you guys. Next agenda, changes on this account. Yeah, I guess that’s the changes on this account. She will be gone and you need to listen to me while she is away. Agree? Good.

Nosy: I don’t want you here. I want Nerry back already. Waaaa...

Talay: Nosy and your tears is not going to be good. Do as she asks and she’ll be back in no time? Okie?

Number One: I vote you out of this account already temporary presiding overseer.

Talay: Won’t work. So here are my strict policies:

  1. No one is allowed to talk other than me. You can only talk when I say talk, which will never happen.
  2.  No one is going to oppose me because I don’t tolerate opposition. You either accept that I am the smart one here or you go ahead and leave.
  3. No one is.. hey where are you guys. Hey... (and they abandon me).

And so Nerry, wherever you are, you should know that I am now in a meeting with myself. Yes.