Nosy to Talay: "Ciao 1,000,000 times as well!"

Nosy to Talay: "Ciao 1,000,000 times as well!"

Jul 9, 2012, 6:35 PM |

Note: Usual note I guess.Tongue out



Nerry- back for the mean time

Talay- the caretaker whom everybody wanted to evict

Cheesy- the reformed bug (he is now nastier than his nasty self, missing his front teeth, in a brawl with Talay)

Nosy- crying over the loss of Cheesy’s front teeth

Number One- the apathetic bug “what has it got to do with me, I have teeth of my own”


  1.  Talay’s performance, an evaluation;
  2.  The brawl with Cheesy; and
  3. The conclusion of the matter

Nerry: So I am back. Thank you for dumping my pets in the orphanage. You had been very efficient in removing them from my profile.

Cheesy: Why don’t you ask your caretaker what happened.

Talay: Yes. Nerry, ask me what happen already so I can tell you the whole looooooong story of how, of how, hey Nery why are you gone for so long? You owe me 12 bucks plus a couple for exerting exrtra effort on keeping matters in “order” while you are away. You have horrible friends!

Cheesy: Don’t change the subject you creepy kid. How dare you make that horrible child this post’s caretaker. You’ll get evicted from here because she messed with it so bad!

Number One: I was wondering who is worst, Cheesy or her. I had long concluded that nobody can be hm..worst than Cheesy. I guess I am wrong again.

Nosy: President, she uhm.. punch my Cheesy and uhm she is wicked, and she wanted to uhm.. kill Cheesy and waaaaa.... how can you leave like that...Waaaa....

Nerry: Get a hold of yourself Nosy. Is this true? You wanted to kill Cheesy? Killing is bad Talay!

Talay: Yeah right. If the world will be a better place without him, why can't I do the world a favor of removing him from it? 

Nerry: Talay! Don’t let me regret choosing you to handle this post!

Talay: Well, you seem to have believed them without asking my side of the story, so yeah, I guess believe what you want. But I will not go away without you paying me first. See, we have to be logical here. A deal is a deal.

Nerry: You have your side of the story? Well go on, let me hear it then.

Talay: I did not exactly start it. He throws the first punch. And that’s just because I informed him that he is an ugly bug, and ugly bugs are not good to look at. What’s wrong with saying the truth? Besides, he seemed to be pretty pissed with liars. You know I don’t like getting hurt (who does?) so I have to teach him (against my will) a morale lesson. The morale lesson is, accept the truth, or not at all and prepare for battle.

Nerry: Wow. You got a pretty twisted brain kid.

Cheesy: Not only her brain. Everything about her is twisted.

Nosy: And she almost twists Cheesy as well! Waaa!

Nerry: So I am back now, you can go Talay. What happened to puppy and kitty by the way?

Number One: Well, they got really lonely without you and say they would rather be in the orphanage than become part of this chaos.

Nerry: Ow shucks, get them for me will you?

Talay: Hey, nice doing business with you. Ciao!

Nerry: Well, she’s gone now. Tell me more Cheesy.

Nosy: What is she talking about. What Ciao?

Nerry: Hm.. I think it means goodbye Nosy.

Nosy: Ow? Well, ciao 1,000,000 times as well, horrible kid!

Cheesy: Let me heal my gums first. It hurts to speak. I hate that kid.

Nerry: She’s not everything bad. She has a good side to her am sure. And besides, at least she gets the 3 of you to agree on something for a change.

Nosy: Are you back for good though?

Nerry: I don’t know. I will be around every now and then, and probably offline on long periods unexpectedly. So for now, let's play some chess already!