The king's gambit - How to play against it (a Mother's day gift for my godmother)

Mar 5, 2016, 8:51 AM |

As you can see, my godmother did not fair well against the King's gambit.

So how precisely does one fight against and combat the King's gambit? There's many different ways. IM Silman suggests the following three ways to combat it in his book The Complete Book of Chess Strategy (50).
1 is to accept the gambit and retain the pawn with g5. An example of this can be seen in the following game between George Alcock Macdonell and Henry Edward Bird.
We next have declining it via Bc5 as number 2.
And then we have the ever entertaining Falkbeer counter-gambit that can be played.
Nimzovich recommends two strategies for beginners. One is to decline it via 2. Bc5 or 2. d6 or simply to accept the gambit not with the intention of retaining the pawn but with the intention of playing Nf6 after d5 (My System, 11).
One does have to be careful with retaining the pawn after Nf3 is played of course. White can opt for the deadly Muzzio gambit where he then proffers up a knight. Do you want to take the horse or perhaps you may want to look it in the mouth?