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Corstorphine 2 vs Musselburgh 2 score 4-2

Corstorphine 2 vs Musselburgh 2 score 4-2

Mar 11, 2014, 4:19 AM 5

travelled to Kaimes road to play Corstorhine Chess Club which meet in St annes Parish church, they have the use of a nice big room it was not long ago since there last premises was burnt down this is like the Phenix riseing from the ashes. I was playing shall we say a mature gentleman not that I am a sping chicken myself, Ian Alexander was his name and I had bought a shirt just for the occation (picture to follow) teams were quiet closley matched, there board 1 player was ungraded (Rakehel Parida)I new he was good as had seen him in the scottish national chess league and at friendly at the braids golf club chess section.

probley about 1500 or so he played our No 1 player who is Jim Loudon a good player graded 1357 so apart from that board we were looking good, but you know chess, there captain was Angus Ruthven a nice guy who I have met and chatted with loads of times he was on board four against Stephen Ritchie there last game together was a draw and Angus said he always got a good game from Stephen there is only 10 points between them, Dave King was up against Bill Hepburn and Dave's games do seem to go on for ever always last board to finish, Dave has had good results with alot stronger players this year but to night it was a draw by repitition, now I had to laugh watching the end game between Robert Wilson and Ernesto Salvatore it was agreed a draw but Ernesto had a queen against bishop and pawn and I am sure it was not a drawn game I think Robert stole the draw, our only win was from Ronnie Dunnet on board three against David Watson who is a good steady player but as I walked around the room after the start of the games dave was up a piece early in his game and stayed that way till the end  of the game and won easy as the game went on. final score was 4-2 to Corstorphine 2 well played and a good match.


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