Civil Service Chess Club2 vs Musselburgh2

Nov 11, 2010, 9:57 AM |
Ronnie team captain picks the team, seven players ronnie drops himself.
We travelled over town to Morningside Area to play a match against the Civil service chess club which play there games in the Tipperlinn Bowling Club which is in the grounds of the  Royal Edinburgh Hospital.
                       The Teams
Civil Service2       vs       Musselburgh2                Results
Paul McQuillan 1652        Scott Browning 1518     1-0
Ralph Jackson 1463         Iain Hope         1435     0-1
G MacDonald   1385        Doug McKinnon  1260     0-1
P Miller           1383        Jim Crawford    1088    0-1
Mike Gilroy      1338        Jim Harris          996    1-0
Nick West        1321       Robert Wilson     924     1-0
Well you can see we were out gunned by grading some by not much others by a few hundred points.
My game went very well for me Patrick opened with the Kings Gambit which I do not have much experience of but have been trying it out online so was nice to play over the board not sure about Patricks third move Qf3 as the game went on I forked his queen and bishop and he could move his queen and also cover the bishop but he chose to take my pawn on f4 so I take Bc4 so now I am up a Bishop and as the game moves on move 9 I decided to give him my knight for his two centre pawn which helps my attack to come on his kingside and on move 15 I was planning to take the h pawn but had second thoughts as it could get trapped by moving the g pawn forward 17 Ng4 with the chance of Knight to h2 and forking Q+R Patrick attacks my Q and I move it out the road and then a good move with the N to N5 and looking for the fork Q+K so I move my king out of danger he moves h2-h3 which does not help the problem of N fork he moves his Q to attack my bishop but I get the rook now Patrick takes my B on e5 then I notice I can take his f5 N and if he takes my Q I get a fork with K+Q so queens of and I am up R+2p so a few more moves and Patrick Resigns 0-1