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Apr 25, 2008, 1:53 PM 1
I played the all Ireland chess thingie for Secondary schools and I came 13th or 14th among all the girls however i didnt get to play all the girls so who knows i could have beaten someone who was above me. (Basically im just trying to make my self feel better.) I was in the all girls group and each group had 4 players however the group that i was in had only 2 including me and so we came 5th above 3 or so other schools so I didnt get no award T_T . My school came 2nd and they got awards and the chess coach dude was taking picture of them and i had to sit out of the picture and when i went in it I had to kneel even though there were chairs around. Made me feel like an unwanted lump of poo. To add to it the principal forced all of us to go up on stage I told her 5 times ( I actually counted) that i didnt want to go but she said " your going up on the stage thank you" and she walked off shaking her fat butt >.< i hate her >.< and so when she called my name i didnt go and she screams " and we are still waiting for one person" so i went up and started at the ceiling trying not to cry in public as I felt crap cause not only was i called up but i actually didnt win nothing. Didnt work I ended up crying after I came down from the stage, thankfully nobody noticed as I am invisible !!!! :D

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