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FM Alan Tate v Jonathan Livingstone

FM Alan Tate v Jonathan Livingstone

Sep 23, 2014, 12:36 PM 4

This is one of my favourite games I have ever played. Why? Simply because FM Tate is my favourite Scottish player. I publicly nominated him and gave him my vote for the Scottish 'Player Of The Year' award last season. I like his style and have followed many of his exciting games, admiring his eye for a not so obvious sacrifice. So when my chance came I was determined to enjoy the game and give a good account of myself. In truth while I was always in the game, my opponent always had a good edge, but if you battle hard you always have a chance...

Sadly I don't have the final moves of the PGN as we had both stopped recording by about move 35, with neither of us playing accurately and both down to less than 2 mins. FM Tate is a cool customer when low on time and unfortunately I am not! As it turned out I saw the right move to force the draw, but never made it. Thats chess for you isn't it? Next time... I'll get you Gadget, FM Tate, and many others (it's a long list)!

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