Game w/ my dear little sister

Oct 15, 2013, 9:53 PM |

Last week, I took a day off and come back to my home town - a small city 60km apart from Hanoi, Vietnam. Not a big city with many shopping center but definitely greate place to live.

My sister is now 4th class in primary school but she's playing chess for 3 years. She challenges me a game each time I back home. And here is the game we played last week.

When I bring the game to analyze with chess engine, it is said that I did not gain any clear advantage until she bunldered at move 6...f6. Now white is much better.

But I did not play the best simple move 7.d5 but 7.Be3 and the position is completely equal again. This happened over and over in the game until she miss the last chance to save the game at move 13...Nxd4.

Yes, I won the game against my sister, but she shown the greate potential to become a better chess than me, I thought that with the proud of my little sister :D